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★ the glow

The glow is our signature facial treatment. It’s a simple, effective way to pamper and nourish your skin, leaving you feeling lighter, brighter and truly relaxed. It includes cleansing, steaming, manual extractions and toning, along with a mask, moisturizing and light massage


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treatment enhancing add-ons

Customize the glow with any of the additional features below to make it truly yours.
* GST will be added at time of payment.

 implement powered extractions

A powerful tool will be
incorporated to maximize extraction effectiveness.


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A skin rejuvenating paste boasting amazing
ingredients (glycolic and salicylic acid, bamboo stem and ground pumice powder just to name a few) which will not only smooth and brighten, but maximize beneficial product absorption while minimizing pores.


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enzyme mask

Rich in skin-boosting pure, organic oils, this enzyme mask delivers anti-oxidants, vitamins and nutrients resulting in lightened age spots and under eye circles, smaller pores and a more youthful appearance.

velvet collagen

This aloe-based, bio-cellulose sheet mask provides high concentrations of hydration, plumping your skin and evening its tone.

blue tansy

A healing, anti-inflammatory and resurfacing mask, blue tansy will aid in the recovery of acne-prone skin and soothe away redness due to sensitivity and irritation.

$20 each

*Can’t choose? Not to worry! We can decide together which mask suits you best after discussing your personal skin concerns at the time of treatment.

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retinol serum

Made with pure retinol, this light, fast-absorbing serum contains a high concentration of active ingredients to combat all the signs of aging. Seriously magical (*not to be used if pregnant or breastfeeding and a good SPF is necessary as Retinol causes sun-sensitivity)

hyaluronic serum

Pure, botanical and a natural humectant, hyaluronic acid is a hydration sensation. It will leave you protected, plumped and pumped both on your skin’s surface and below it.

vitamin c serum

Our bodies don’t produce Vitamin C on their own, so just as it is essential in diet, it is crucial in skincare. Incorporate it into your facial and leave with a radiant glow.

$20 each

*Can’t choose? Not to worry! We can decide together which serum suits you best after discussing your personal skin concerns at the time of treatment.

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youth glow eye gel

A gel rather than a cream, allows deeper penetration and less possibility of irritation. Adding this ingredient-intensive product will address all of your eye concerns.


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derma roller

A tool that promotes product absorption, adding this prickly little device into the mix will ensure you receive maximum benefit from all of your potions and lotions.

jade roller

Using this semi-precious stone after applying a serum or a cream will not only aid in diffusion, it will help reduce puffiness, toxins, salt, signs of sleep deprivation and inflammation.

$10 each

*Can’t choose? Not to worry! We can decide together which roller suits you best after discussing your personal skin concerns at the time of treatment.

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star on the glow

While a cosmetic-clear face is strongly encouraged after skin treatment (for at least a day) sometimes life has other plans. Should you need a light spritz and sprinkle before leaving the spa, makeup application is available.


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Inside glowology

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the heart of glowology

Alana Agerbo is a fully licensed, internationally trained, and CIDESCO certified Aesthetician, Makeup Artist and Body Massage Therapist.

She has held many roles in the beauty industry during that time, including Business Owner, Spa Aesthetician and television, print, runway and event Makeup Artist.

inside out

Whatever your concerns may be, aging or problematic skin, it is her belief that nourishing the mind, body and soul through self-care will promote peace and harmony throughout your entire being.

personalized treatments

Aging is inevitable. And a privilege. And we will always have areas we deem as imperfections, but implementing a good skincare routine and practicing a positive mindset can help us see these things in a very different light.

glowology is a cozy home spa. You and your skin will not only enjoy, but benefit from the purest, cruelty-free, plant-based ingredients, which you will find tucked away inside a professional and personal, care-driven environment.

So come. Lighten your soul. Illuminate your skin.

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