the heart of glowology

alana agerbo is an internationally trained & certified aesthetician & makeup artist. she has been in the industry for over 25 years & now runs a home-based facial studio. she uses state of the art machinery & a pro skin care line that she herself formulated in conjunction with a laboratory. 

her skin care line—glowology—is a nutrient rich, sustainable & active line of botanical products. it is natural, organic & plant-derived, as well as locally made inside a professional lab facility located in vancouver bc canada. glowology’s Rx extension is also botanically inspired & blends both natural & clinical ingredients to create powerful results. so by choosing this brand you are not only supporting local, but also a small, home-based business whose goal is to transform the way women perceive their beauty & their understanding of what’s possible when it comes to maturing without a fear of losing themselves.  

inside out

whatever your concerns may be, aging or problematic skin, it is her belief that nourishing the mind, body and soul through self-care will promote peace and harmony throughout your entire being.

personalized treatments

aging is inevitable. and a privilege. and we will always have areas we deem as imperfections, but implementing a good skincare routine and practicing a positive mindset can help us see these things in a very different light. glowology is a cozy home spa. you and your skin will not only enjoy, but benefit from the purest, cruelty-free, plant-based ingredients, which you will find tucked away inside a professional and personal, care-driven environment. so come. lighten your soul. illuminate your skin.