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ease skin cleanser

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ease is a gentle cleanser for everyone but does particularly well with sensitive & maturing skin. it emulsifies beautifully, easily removing makeup, dirt & topical irritants. this cream cleanser calms & soothes using key ingredients like shea butter, soy, calendula & cucumber. it is moisturizing, fortifying & can help with hormonal fluctuations that result in problematic skin.

usage: wet hands, face & neck with cool or lukewarm water. gently massage a small amount of cleansing lotion onto face & neck in upward circular motions. rinse thoroughly & repeat. follow with appropriate toner & hydration.

cleanse skin that is prone to sensitivity with this gentle lotion (which) easily removes makeup and topical irritants that can sensitize delicate skin. This emulsifying crème cleanser contains Shea Butter, Soy, Calendula and cucumber all known to fortify the skin while alleviating dryness. This cleanser is also recommended for those who experience hormonal fluctuations resulting in occasional breakouts.  250ml mature/dry/sensitive/all

featured ingredients carrot root extract calendula flower extract cucumber fruit extract spinach leaf extract