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diamonds can be a girl’s best friend! this diamond-crusted treatment will bring a lighter, brighter, more youthful glow to your skin by thoroughly exfoliating the initial layer of dead cells that definitely dull a complexion. after 1 session your skin will feel smoother & softer, as well as sport a diamond shine, but making this a regular go-to will minimize fine lines & wrinkles. shrink pores & lighten dark spots. as well as improve, brighten, lighten & tighten the skin’s overall colour, tone & texture by polishing the surface & speeding up cell turnover rate.

this treatments include all aspects of a regular facial. cleansing, steam, mask, hydration, essential oils & hand/arm massage.

benefits: smoothes. softens. brightens. lightens. speeds up cell turnover. increases collagen production. enhances product absorption & performance. 

treatment time: 1hr 15min.